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About Us

TEDx is an annual event that brings together the world’s leading thinkers and doers to share ideas that matter in any discipline - technology, entertainment, design - the three broad subject areas that are collectively shaping our future, as well as science, art, humanities, business, development. In fact, the event is broader still, showcasing the ideas that matter in any discipline.

Our Goals

We aim to exhibit unique and obscure transformational ideas to inspire, motivate and move our attendees.

We are doing this to give a voice to unheard stories because we believe that there's more than meets the eye to our community: the unseen potential is huge.

To bring the unique TED experience to Pune and sharing perspectives, sparking deep discussions.

Experience live performances and get a chance to network with the speakers and likeminded attendees.

Spread ideas that inspire people to become more productive and successful.

To provide a platform where thinkers, visionaries, and learners will be inspired to give talks on a wide array of idea-focused topics to foster learning, provoke conversations that matter, and inspire others.

The Speakers

Nomad Shubham

Nomad Shubham, a 22-year-old full-time traveler, embodies the idea that the more one explores, the more they realize how much of the world remains uncharted. His YouTube channel, boasting over 2.93 million subscribers, showcases his unique travel adventures. Starting from humble beginnings, he initially funded his trips by teaching mathematics online and relying on pocket money.

Sonal Ved

Sonal Ved, the accomplished food writer and Vogue India's food editor, shapes the magazine's gastronomic content with her culinary expertise. She has made a lasting impact on India's culinary scene through captivating features in publications like Times of India, TimeOut (Mumbai), Uppercrust magazine, Verve magazine, and Hindustan Times.

Dr. Swati Daithankar

Swati Daithankar, a distinguished Bharatanatyam artist, emerged as a beacon in the realm of dance. Graduating with top honors from Bombay University in English Literature, she delved into the world of Bharatanatyam at Nalanda Dance Research Centre.

Muneet Dhiman

Muneet Dhiman is an educationist and a speaker on the subject matter of education, parenting, sustainability and system design. He is the founder and Kulapati of Vidyakshetra Gurukulam in Bangalore, a non-residential panchkosha based Gurukulam for the current times. It was built over last 13 years and his vision is to replicate the Vidyakshetra model across 108 centres in Bharat and subsequently across the globe.

Prof. Dr. Vasant Shinde

Adjunct professor at National Institute of Advanced Studies, IIC campus, Bangalore. Former professor and vice-chancellor at Deccan College. Renowned for his research in South Asian Archaeology and brings expertise to archaeological studies and academic administration

Lt Col Dr. Santosh Khadsare (Retd)

Lt Col (Dr) Santosh Khadsare, an Indian Army veteran, serves as the Vice President of Digital Forensics & Incident Response (DFIR) at eSec Forte Technologies. With 25 years of experience in Cyber Security, DFIR, and related fields, he holds numerous qualifications including CHFI, MCFE, CEH, and more. He led a Digital Forensic Lab at CERT-In and received the Digital Forensic Analyst Excellence Award in 2021.

Siddharth Mayur

Founder and CEO at h2epower, MPowerInside and homi_hydrogen, a Working President at MahaChess. A first generation social entrepreneur with a mission to bring about energy security and energy independence to the masses using renewable and clean energy power

Shri Shakhir Khan

Shri Shakir Khan stands as a luminary in the realm of Hindustani instrumental music, inheriting the rich legacy of the legendary Etawah Gharana. Trained under the illustrious Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan for 25 years, Shakir epitomizes the eighth generational link in an unbroken lineage of musical brilliance, rooted in the sitar and surbahar.

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